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Upgrading Your Home: Flooring

If you read our last post about upgrading your home, you will see all the recent updates we did from appliances, to painting, to redoing our bathrooms. Next up we plan on doing flooring throughout our home. We’ve already finished our bathroom flooring when we upgraded everything in them. As we don’t have a whole lot of money, so we tried something a little economical for us and went with laminate floor pieces that look like tile. We grouted them and sealed them too, so they look fancy without the expensive cost.

Next up, we are planning on redoing our kitchen cabinets and flooring in the kitchen as well as the dining room, and we plan to use the laminate floor pieces with grout as well. It gives a nice aesthetic to our home, and is really inexpensive, and to boot, it’s actually pretty easy to do yourself.


The one thing we will have to hire out for is someone for carpeting. We have carpet in our living room and our bedrooms. I’m hoping the cost of fitting carpet isn’t too much, but if it’s the only thing we have to hire out for, I’m really okay with that. Since our kids are a little bit older now, and our dog is potty trained, it’s a great time for us to get new carpet in our home.

Choosing a color

We really want to get a lighter color that will go with our freshly painted gray walls, as we have a very dated and drab brown carpet in our home at the moment. Together we have thought about tiling throughout the home, but I really like the homey-cozy feel of having carpet in the living room. As a mom, I will definitely have strict rules of no eating and drinking in the living room, just so we minimize the spills and stains that our kids and even us adults sometimes make.

That all being said, we really have no plans to move, but I know upgrading our flooring and all of our appliances will even up our resale cost, more than what we put into it, so it’s a win-win all around.

Have you recently purchased any new upgrades for your home? I’d love to hear about them!