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Walmart Just Had a Glitch


I know a lot of my fans got in on a lot of the deals that were going around this morning on Walmart’s website. Powerwheels for $29.97, computer monitors for $8.85, car seats for $54.80, and many other awesome deals. Unfortunately, theses deals are being cancelled at this time. If you did Pick Up In Store and get a confirmation email, you better RUN and go pick it up since it’s being honored.

There are a TON of rumors flying around right now.

It has been confirmed that Walmart just had a glitch.

Walmart was NOT hacked.

Your credit card info is NOT being stolen!

Make sure you tell your friends that they should be refunded soon, also Walmart stated their site will be fixed in approximately 2-5 hours.


Wednesday 6th of November 2013

I had troubles with Walmart yesterday. Got an email saying that my order was being processed, so went to look. Someone else NY no less had ordered a laptop to the tune of $1000 using my email address & thier own mailing address. Granted, it looked like they used their own card for payment, but it came to my email & was on my account, so I cancelled the order. I figured it was some sort of new scam and was not willing to participate! I followed up by calling to make sure my account was noted and have an alert set up in case it happens again. One just never knows with the Holidays upon us!


Wednesday 6th of November 2013

Wow! I'm glad you caught that and got it taken care of!