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Week 2 of the Ultimate Online Baby Shower #UOBS

UOBS_Generic FlyerHey everyone! It’s time for week 2 of the Ultimate Online Baby Shower!

I know a lot of you are confused on how this is going to work, so I thought I’d make a post and explain in detail on it, so maybe it will answer any questions that you may have!!

Week 2 starts on Monday 11/18 with the first event at 1pm EST from Dapple Baby. The last day of this event will be on 11/22 with our Grand Finale! The Grand Finale will be revealed later on in the week so you can be prepared for that day as well.

You all have been confused on the word “Sampling.” Now what this means is you will be sending a sample (giveaway prize) to a friend, this is why it’s imperative for you to buddy up with a friend or someone on Facebook. That way you can both send samples to one another and neither one of you will miss out! You can’t send a sample to yourself, so you will NEED to involve a friend!

Now it’s important for you to keep our blog post or a copy of the calendar posted below for your reference, these are the dates and times that each brand will be available. You will want to be online at this time if you want to snag something from one or all of the brands. We are going to have 10,000 prizes up for grabs!!!

To get a head start, head on over to my page to “Wish” for your samples now!

UOBSFULLCALENDARNow here are some Quick Tips for you too!
uobs quick tip 1 UOBS_Quick Tip #2_what is wish for it- UOBS_Quick Tip #4_How it Workspng

If you want to view this information on Facebook, or if you need to RSVP to be able to see everything then click on this mobile friendly link: CLICK HERE!

If you need a buddy, chat on this post and partner up with someone on Facebook >>> Click here!

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!

Claudia Rodriguez

Sunday 17th of November 2013

Hi I have a question the buddy who sends the sample have to RSVP too? Or she just have to be our friend? Thanks